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About MR MIKES Steakhouse Feedback  Survey

For upgrading their service increasingly, MR MIKES Steakhouse is now taking surveys on their service and many other issues. By taking this survey they are trying to make some changes in their services and products. And this survey is contained with some questions about your dining experience with them and if you complete the survey then you can win some prize from the MR MIKES Steakhouse like other companies or restaurants. The prizes are given in the form of cash or gift coupons. MR MIKES Steakhouse is giving the prizes in the manner of thanking the participants of this survey who are spending time to share feedback with MR MIKES Steakhouse management to help them up by completing this survey. Alongside the prizes, MR MIKES Steakhouse also makes some rules which will make a participant eligible for the survey and also some requirements as per the survey needs. Because the survey needs some arrangements to take the survey.

MR MIKES Steakhouse is the best in restaurant and bar services. You can make yourself satisfied with the launch or dinner with MR MIKES Steakhouse food. But also, this company must realize that everything cannot be perfect forever it must be exchanged from time to time. So, they arranged a survey on customer feedback. Which helps them to improve their service and quality. To win the prize or fulfill the aspect of this survey you must take the survey very honestly and give genuine feedback.

This survey is mainly taken to know their customer experience on MR MIKES Steakhouse food quality, are there enough food items available or not? The behavior of their employees, is the price of the foods being reasonable or not? Customer satisfaction at their outlets, how they feel when they are in the store. And about the total experience and your overall satisfaction.

MR MIKES Steakhouse Guest Satisfaction Survey Prize:

When you complete the survey then you will be eligible for the survey prizes. But you have to give genuine feedback and the prize is given for only that cause. The company doesn’t want false feedback or opinion at all. So, entrants, who are performing this survey must be honest while performing this survey. but make sure you are maintaining the rules regarding the prizes otherwise you can lose the prizes.

When you complete the survey, you will get a promo code from MR MIKES Steakhouse and by using this promo code you can take the survey prize or redeem the prize. And this procedure should be done on your next visit to MR MIKES Steakhouse. And you will get a $5 Discount Offer or 10 chances to win $1000 or other instant prizes valued at $1500 as your actual prize.

Your prize is mainly depending on your receipt which means what will be given on completion of your survey that will be printed on your receipt. So, check your receipt to know about your prize.

MR MIKES Steakhouse Survey Rules and Requirements:

  • To perform the survey participants must be eligible for the survey. and you can know about the survey eligibility criteria by reading the survey rules and requirements. Rules will help you to know about the survey eligibility rather you can make yourself eligible by the survey rules. And there are some survey requisites to be filled and for this, some arrangements must be made to perform the survey. You can find the eligibility criteria and the survey requisites in the below-mentioned rules and requirements.
  • To be eligible for this survey you have to be at least 18 years old because this age level is the minimum age limit of this survey and you have to maintain this survey properly to participate in this survey.
  • By reading and understanding the survey language and perform this survey you must have a basic knowledge of the English language. Because this survey is available in the English language only.
  • This survey is an online survey and you have to take this survey by being online for the whole time by accessing the internet. So, you must have a smart device like a smartphone or computer, or laptop to access the internet and perform this survey.
  • A strong internet connection is also needed to access the internet and be online for the full time of performing the survey.
  • Participants are not allowed to take more than one survey. And if you perform more than one survey them you are wasting your time because the excess performed survey will not enter the survey sweepstake process and cannot increase your win possibilities.
  • Working employees of the MR MIKES Steakhouse and the family members of the employees and the MR MIKES Steakhouse affiliates, sponsors, companies, and the agencies are also not eligible to perform this survey to make an entry in the survey sweepstake process.
  • You have to maintain the rules of prize redemption and the rule is you cannot sell or transfer or handover your prize at any price or for any alternative option or cannot combine with any other offer.
  • A valid email id is an essential requirement of this survey because you have to enter a valid email id in the process of feedback giving to complete the survey

How to Perform MR MIKES Steakhouse Guest Satisfaction Survey:

  • When you understand that you are eligible enough to take this survey and all requisites are fulfilled upon reading the requirements then take the survey without wasting any time. And be careful with your opinion. The company is not waiting to get praising remarks they just want to know about your likes and dislikes and also about your satisfaction level and you have to tell them about your general understanding by taking their products and services. To perform this survey easily follow the underneath steps.
  • At first, to start the feedback-giving process you have to browse this link www.mymrmikesvisit.com to reach the survey site and perform the survey.

 MR MIKES Steakhouse Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Then a webpage will appear and you can be able to know about the survey and also the survey prizes.
  • After that, you can find four blank boxes asking for details about your visit, and the details are available in your receipt. And you have to enter the details from your receipt.
  • You have to enter detail like the date and time of your visit or purchase and the amount of your purchase and at the last, you have to enter the survey code from the receipt. Make sure you have entered the details properly.
  • Then click on the “Enter” button to start the feedback-giving process.
  • Then a new page will appear and you can find the questionnaire on that page.
  • You have to answer all the questions genuinely and honestly.
  • Then you have to rate their products and services according to your satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
  • Usually, the questionnaire is based on their products and services, and the product quality and quantity, staff’s nature. Product price, in-store, and our store location.
  • After completing the previous procedure, you have to provide your details like name, address, contact number, email address. This will help the company to follow you up for further notification.
  • After finishing up the survey you will be given a promo code or coupon code to redeem the reward on your next visit to the MR MIKES Steakhouse store near you.

About MR MIKES Steakhouse:

MR MIKES Steakhouse is a Canadian casual dining chain doing its business all over Canada. It was founded in the year of 1960 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Granville Street. MR MIKES Steakhouse was founded by Bob and Nick Constabaris. Currently, MR MIKES Steakhouse and Bar is headquartered in Canada. This casual dining chain is owned by RAMMP Hospitality Brands. MR MIKES Steakhouse is belonging to the foodservice industry.

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MR MIKES Steakhouse Contact Info


604 536 4111 / 1-800-668-6453 (MIKE)


(604) 439-7367






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