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Customer Survey
Larkburger Guest Survey

 Larkburger is the perfect juxtaposition of nature and taste claiming to be one of the prolific fast-food chains in America using all-natural ingredients to prepare lip-smacking dishes for the delight.  Larkburger opened its first franchise in the year 2006 in Edwards, Colorado.

Apart from serving fresh, natural ingredients in a lip-smacking way, Larkburger has also made essential changes in its service echoing its eco-friendly and natural stance. They maybe use of the wooden trays in place of usual plastic trays, using card boxes for serving side dishes, using brown paper for wrapping burgers.

Some of its signature dishes of the Larkburger are signature ‘larkburger’, truffle burger among burger, portabella burger and sandwiches, ahi tuna salad, adibo chicken salad among salads, classic fries, truffle and parmesan fries among side dishes and many more.


About Larkburger Guest Survey

Larkburger always considers the satisfaction and delight of the customers as their driving factor for increasing their business to the zenith. One way to tap the opinion of the customers and improvise their services more and more is by taking a short survey regarding their experience with Larkburger.

This innovative way, known as   Larkburger Guest Survey, is a bunch of questionnaires targeting the regulars of the Larkburger to share their feedback by giving answers and rating the various aspects of service, facilities, and food qualities as per latest visit to a Larkburger restaurant.  All the answers collected are reviewed by the management and submitted to the corporate for consideration and pay attention to the feedback making necessary changes.


Things you need to participate

Apart from becoming a part of the developmental process, Larkburger also gives a chance to the customers to make use of the survey to win exciting coupons and discounts on completing the survey. For that, you need two things:

  • The bill receipt of the last visit. Look out if a survey code is printed at the bottom of the bill. Only then you will be eligible to take part in the survey. The survey must be taken within three days of the last visit. Refer to the receipt for the exact time and date of the visit.
  • Stable internet connection with the latest updated browser.


Participation process and survey questionnaires

Are you ready? Here is the easy step to complete the survey and successfully complete it:

  • Open your browser and visit www.letlarkburgerknow.com.
  • Take the receipt. Enter the 15 digits survey code printed as exactly on the bottom portion of the receipt.
  • If you wish to continue the survey in Spanish, please click on Espanol.
  • Click on Start.


Larkburger Guest Survey


  • The following are the questions that will be asked in multiple-choice answers. Based on your opinion, you may either have to choose your opinion or give ratings numerically.
  1. Overall Satisfaction.
  2. Type of Visit.
  3. Accuracy of order.
  4. Restroom hygiene.
  5. Food temperature.
  6. Varieties in the menu.
  7. Ease of placing order.
  8. Friendliness of team members.
  9. Portion size.
  10. Value for the price.
  11. Any issues faced.
  12. Satisfaction regarding the resolution of the issue.
  13. Likely recommendation.
  14. Repeating the visit in the next 30 days.
  15. Write briefly if you were truly satisfied with Larkburger.
  16. If the order taker repeated the order back to you.
  17. Awareness about Larkburger regarding natural ingredients and eco-friendly measures.
  18. Visiting team member checking on the customer.
  19. The primary menu you ordered.
  20. Any history of food allergies.
  21. Agreeing to the standard Larkburger endorses.
  22. The number of visits in the past 30 days.
  23. The primary reason for visiting Larkburger.
  • Next, enter the following information as part of classification:
  1. Annual household income.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed the survey and have become eligible for the exclusive tailor-made offers and discounts.


Redeeming the Survey Validation Code offer

Availing the offer is very easy. After completing the above steps, you will be redirected to a page. A five-digit Validation Code will be displayed immediately post-completion. Write down the code on the given box on the receipt. On your next visit, bring this receipt to the participating location. Show the receipt to the cash counter and avail the exclusive discount/offer just for you.

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Contact Centre


In case of any queries, requests, or complaints, please write directly to the management team at feedback@larkburger.com.


You can send a specific request or queries by visiting www.larkburger.com/contact-us/. Fill up the contact form and submit the details.


You may contact the phone number given on the receipt for the particular Larkburger outlet.




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