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Take Part In HMV-Hear My Voice Survey To Win £100

Hear my voice or HMV is a UK based film and music retailer, and it was founded in, 20 July 1921, London, United Kingdom, and has its headquarter in, Birmingham, United Kingdom. The company was also used for radio and television sets manufactured from the year 1030. HMV operates in 113 locations, and also has subsidiaries such as, HMV (IP) Limited, HMV Europe, Fopp, HMV Guernsey Limited, HMV North America, Fopp Entertainments Ltd and so on.

About HMV survey

Music offers Solace to your souls; it revives your state of mind and props you up by stimulating you when you are ethically down or physically depleted. What’s more, when you consider music, in what capacity can your idea be finished without Gramophone Company. An over hundred years of age organization that has empowered millions and billions of Hearts after some time when it appeared in 1921, later renamed as His Master’s Voice – HMV.

The cutting edge life keeps us so bustling that we are quite often rushing to meet our dedication since Dawn to Dusk and in some cases till late night. So we scarcely discover whenever to save for connecting with into those errand which are not in our calendar. That is the reason when any retailer demands us to give our important input about their items or administrations, who are for the most part hesitant. In any case, when a savvy retailer adds some compensation to that offer, we feel pulled in checking out it with no reasons. That is actually what HMV has done by adding a £100 prize to this visitor fulfillment study offer. Presently almost certainly, numerous benefactors will all of a sudden discover some an opportunity to put aside out of their bustling timetable to seek after this idea of taking an interest in to visitor fulfillment study HMV-Hear My Voice Survey. Clients who DID NOT make a buy at their visit to HMV can at present take the review. So as to do as such, the client must enter the code found on the study invitationthey got. At last, members can know the names of the winners by writing to HMV client administrations.

Rules and regulations of HMV survey

  • The prize draw is available to all the legitimate residents of United Kingdom and channel Island.
  • The participants must be of 18 years old or more at the hour of passage.
  • Representatives of HMV or any of its gathering organization, offshoot or related organization, specialists or any other person associated with this prize attract are not qualified for take an interest in this offer.
  • The gift voucher is neither Transferable nor replaceable.
  • Just a single entry for each email address will be acknowledged as a substantial section.
  • No buy is required to participate into this HMV-Hear My Voice Survey.
  • The choice of HMV in the matter of winner choice will be conclusive and no correspondence for prize designation will be engaged.
  • You can always be a part of this HMV-Hear My Voice Survey just when you complete the overview on the web.
  • The sections will be made online by filling the entry structure and no outsider entry is acknowledged.
  • The victor will be told through Email (the email address that has been given during cooperation) and the person will get 48 hours to react whether the individual in question is tolerating the prize or not.

Taking the HMV survey

For this visit the site, www.hmv-hearmyvoice.com

Here, at the middle left click on, ‘Continue’.

On the directed page specify if you have bought anything or not

Then, click on, ‘Start’.



If you have then in the next entry,

  • Transaction Number:
  • Store Number:
  • Till Number:
  • Operator Number:
  • Date You Visited:
  • Time You Visited:
  • Amount You Spent:
  • Then, click on, ‘Next’.

If not then, in the next page input,

  • The survey number
  • Then, click on, ‘Next’.

You need to answer the questions after this to complete the survey.

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The prize of HMV survey

The prize is, £100. If you win you will be contacted by the contact details you have included while taking the survey.

Customer help

To get more help, you can send a mail to, Retail Limited, Mermaid House, Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, London EC4V 3DB.

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